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A culture of excellence

Shosa Empire is a Socioeconomic development organization that empowers communities through innovative programs and events. It operates exclusively for educational and formational purposes it is committed to the social welfare of everyone. It is Guided by the values of respect, credibility, empathy, responsibility, passion for giving, and kindness, we aspire to provide a dignified life for all.

We believe in a society that is active, responsible, and inclusive. Crucial to this is our community’s ability to embrace positive and meaningful change while eliminating social stigmas and limitations.

We want to build awareness and knowledge-driven community youths as a tool for growth Amidst others, we take responsibility to regulate, empower, and monitor the social and community development sector in our nation – including all organizations contributing to the sector – to provide our people with quality, effective, and accessible care and services.

Community development is a shared responsibility between the government and the people. Guided by this belief, we work with the government, private, and other sectors to create an environment where every citizen can play their part in contributing to our nation’s shared wealth.

This means empowering people to thrive and achieve their full potential, fairly, so no one is left behind. That’s how we’re building a nation that is socially and economically sustainable.

Our aim is to introduce and implement policies that guarantee employment to our youths, utilize them to develop an emergent country

Shosa Empire’s goal alongside its partners is to create an ecosystem that encourages volunteering and builds a vibrant, engaged community.
We Carefully designed, innovates programmers’ and initiatives which reflect the diverse cultural needs of our society

Together, we will encourage, motivate, and involve all segments of Cameroon society to take part in building a better future, to ultimately unlock the full potential of our nation especially through arts

The Vision

Our Vision

Our formational and educational purposes are aligned under four areas of emphasis:

  • Economic Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Capacity Building
  • Community Planning

Our work at SHOSA Empire falls under the following priority areas:

  • Health and Wellness
  • Workforce Development
  • Vibrant Communities
  • Environmental Quality

Our Mission

Shosa Empire Community Development helps communities enhance their well-being and create social, economic, and environmental conditions in which they can thrive.

To promote a sustainable society and economy that is transparent and responsive to the needs of Cameroonian’s diverse and growing community, through the active participation of all local cultural agencies.

Our aim

Our aim is to introduce and implement policies that guarantee employment to our youths, utilize their skills to develop an emergent country, our attention is also paid to vulnerable groups across all sectors.

Our Values

We are guided by the values of respect, credibility, empathy, responsibility, passion for giving, and kindness.
As community developers, we value:

  •  The development of viable communities through the wise use of natural, economic, social, and human resources
  • Education as a means to help people identify assets, capacities, needs, resources, and solutions
  • Civic participation to improve the quality of community/neighborhood life
  • Internal and external collaborations and partnerships
  • The uniqueness of individuals and communities/neighborhoods
  • Art and Cultural

Our Story

June 3, 2014

Talented Bamenda (Talent Show)

The program attracts a variety of participants, from across the Cameroon, to take part and who possess some form of talents, with acts ranging from singing, Modeling, Fashion designing, dancing, comedy, magic, and other genres. Each participant who auditions attempts to secure a place in the live episodes of a season by impressing a panel of judges, talented Bamenda came to existence in 2014

Our Story

May 14, 2016
Community Development, Empowerment of young University female

Miss University of Bamenda event creates advocates of youth education and empowerment, this came up due to the gender base violence and gender inequality, and especially in areas like Africa where women/girls are not treated equally and not getting the education they deserve. Shosa Empire with the creation this project and titled its committee “COMiUBa” which mean, Committee of Organization of Miss University of Bamenda, with an objectives to better education of the girl child, empowering communities with the target given to participants, for images of event, or to support the initiative.

Our Story

Nov, 2019
International SHOSA Festival of Fashion and Arts 2019
On the Industrial, Commercial and Artistic plan

Shosa Festival offers opportunities to multiple National and International enterprises to discover and conquer a new consumer’s market, analysis the situation of the market and establish agents for their brands to increase sales

On the Music, and Fashion Plan

Shosa Festival Music and Fashion plan is to create animated spaces through creative frameworks of empowerment, with the goal of building a sustainable and reachable arts community
Fostering and sustaining the originality of our national creations by preserving the Cameroonian culture through live music, and standardized runway displacement

Institutional Plan

The objectives of Shosa Festival are to offer an exceptional and unique event to the population of the host’s city and its environs’. To Act as a Pillar of employment and openings to the youths, with possibilities of certain trainings and benefits from educational and employment institution

Our Story

July, 2020
Bamenda Handball tournament

Innovative projects carried out to reach our goals
During the Bamenda Handball Tournament, The committee of Organization noticed that participation teams where extremely united and friendly, this gave a fulfilling feeling to our organization, given that, one of our goals are "To engage youth in exploring ways of building strong relationships at various levels of society;"

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